That Lit Podcast with Alexandra Naughton | Episode 6: “Guillaume Morissette and Jesse Prado”

What’s up? We haven’t posted a new episode in quite a bit. I apologize. Some weird shit happened but it’s over now.

Guillaume Morissette was in the Bay to do a show and because he was sleeping on my floor I was like, hey we should record a podcast while you’re here, and we did. Jesse Prado was also there, and we had a rousing conversation featuring lit gossip, agent bashing, and yeah, we did talk about Morissette’s novel, New Tab.




Shootin’ It with Jayme K. | Episode 69: “How to Punish Children & Why Gotham Sucks”

Authors Jayme Karales (Disorderly, Practice Makes Perfect) and Kenney Dorcely (Life Tone Changed) discuss Kenney’s new career, the new Batman series Gotham, Jayme’s Ghostbusters 2-related fear, the CW’s Arrow and The Flash, the fat kid who slapped his mom on ‘The Dr. Phil Show’, how childhood punishments can result in sexual fetishes as adults, Ello, The Degenerates and the failure of “The Super Show Part II”, the rivalry between Mike Malkiewicz and Brandi Martinez, Kenney’s hatred of Shemar Moore, the correlation between posting revealing photos online and self-respect, the recent guest-related curse of Shootin’ It, Kenney’s perverted co-worker, child cannibalism in Gabon, black market organ harvesting and transplants, and more.

i just want you to listen and worship me