I swear I didn’t pay Ben Tanzer to write all these nice things about my books. I think he was just under a momentary lapse of exhaustion from all those killer books he’s written himself and didn’t know what he was doing. Still, I thank him for believing.



Shootin’ It with Jayme K. | Episode 65: “Aaron Novy”

This week Jayme and Mike chat with artist/writer Aaron Novy (who happens to be a Shootin’ It superfan). They discuss the bizarre, desolate town of Christmas Valley, where Novy resides in a hut made of mud and tires. They also talk about the best and worst guests to have appeared on Shootin’ It, weird urban legends, the legend of Sasquatch, meeting women online, and a lot more.

*Also, ignore Jayme’s error in labeling this episode 64 in the opening of the show.

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Bud Smith has a new novel coming out, F250, which is getting so much killer feedback that its release promises to be an event similar in grandeur to, say, a Road Rules/Real World Challenge finale. To pump myself up, I reviewed his previous novel, Tollbooth, for Sundog Lit.



Shootin’ It with Jayme K. | Episode 63: “Loren Kleinman”

Huffington Post writer and author of The Dark Cave Between My Ribs Loren Kleinman is on the show. Loren joined the boys to talk about James Franco, the separation between an artist and their art, the death of Robin Williams, The Fault in Our Stars, Christoph Paul, writing habits, working for The Huffington Post, taking a cinematic approach when writing books, and more.

Monologue topics between Jayme and Mike include: self-surgery, odd injuries, The Room, and Jim Norton and his characters.

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